James Taylor

VFX Artist

About Me

Hi, my name is James Taylor and I am a student at Staffordshire University studying Visual Effects and Concept Design. Unlike a lot of people in this industry, I hadn’t had much of an idea about what VFX was until I came to university. However, before this I had always been interested in design throughout school, and through the different subjects I have studied ive been able to explore many areas of this.A huge interest of mine is photography which I pursued throughout school doing Media Studies, and during this I discovered Photoshop and honed my skills within that area, even though it wasn’t taught very much at where I was. Having discovered VFX I quickly picked up 3D modelling which I had some prior practice in as simple as it was in Sketchup. This is something that I have improved on drastically and that I am proficient in. In connection with this, learning different areas of the pipeline has interested me and allowed me to develop in areas which would make different parts of the pipeline easier for others.