Tasked with creating an interior scene to light in a style of a movie genre, I decided to create a coffee shop based on Anteiku from Tokyo Ghoul. Throughout this module the main focus was on the lighting and texturing, and as this wasn’t something I was strong at, I developed my skills greatly and ended up with a finished product that I am proud of, however it could still do with some tweaks that I can go back and change over time as I improve different skills


As part of one of my final year modules, we create a brief for ourselves to follow that is specialised in your chosen area, but also so you can learn new skills and improve. For this I decided to create a prop library which allowed me to model different assets in different ways and learn more about topology. Throughout this time, I also improved my texturing skill drastically and these boots show off that ability to a certain degree.


Another creation for my prop library, this was modelled on the Fujifilm XM-1 which is one of my favourite cameras after seeing it used by one of my teachers in sixth form. I utilised techniques that were new to me to create this, and this was the first asset I created whilst using Booleans for some parts. A lot changed whilst creating this, mainly to do with the texture, as I was initially using faux orange leather as my reference, however I felt using black leather was far superior."


As a fan of the Walking Dead franchise I have wanted to model Ricks Revolver for quite some time, and through doing this module, I felt it was time to realise this goal. Through using many reference images, I have tried to model it accurately, and keep the topology as clean and efficient as possible. When making this I tried to model it how it would be made in real life, and initially this made it hard for me to model certain parts of it, but throughout doing this it pushed me to improve my modelling techniques and overall produce better final results